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Puget Sound Life.net is a local social network website created for the region.  It is a collaborative efforts by members who can write articles, or post photos, videos, as well as other digital media.  We showcase all the best features including vibrant people, engaging activities and spectacular locations that adorn this wonderful area that is brimming with natural beauty.

PSL highlights the innovative local companies who improve our lives by reviewing only great places so our  Business Reviews provide consumers with only positive recommendations.  Our Tech Section runs consumer tests for latest apps and digital media giving our members exclusive access to local innovations.The Best of PSL menu lists our favorite things.

Informative PSL features include our local traffic web app, local weather links and local sports.  Special PSL features include interactive games, puzzles and contests.

We also assist by providing reliable Handicap Access information with accessibility ratings for local businesses and local events.

So welcome to everyone! Whether grown local or just visiting we hope you truly enjoy the Puget Sound with all the great things that it has to offer!


Always Free Membership Forever means more value for you.

  • Eligibility for a free PSL member's email account @PugetSoundLife.net

  • Selected members can submit articles, reports, reviews, apps & digital media

  • Businesses can use our anonymous social advertising techniques

  • Public opinion polls, event posting & trends analysis provides local feedback

  • Development of digital media, web apps or website components for businesses

  • Members do get special access to innovative digital media and local social events



Catch your local net, Puget Sound Life.net.


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