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The Appraisal Process - Things to Consider

When purchasing a property you may not be part of the appraiser's site visit, but will likely want to review their findings.  There are other situations when an appraisal may also be required, and there may be an opportunity to be more involved in the process when refinancing your home, establishing the value for an estate, or in a buyout, settlement or dissolution situation.

While you may not be involved in the selection of the individual performing the services, expect the appraiser to exhibit professionalism during their property visit.  They should complete a fairly thorough inspection, viewing all the rooms, and taking photographs and building measurements.  The appraiser is not an engineer and may not spend time in the attic or crawlspace, or have specific knowledge regarding the condition or suitability of mechanical systems.


Preparing for the Appraiser's Inspection:

The appraiser won't typically consider the cleanliness of your home,but you should dispose of any debris around the property,removem old and mildew from the exterior, and clean the interior.  These relatively minor improvements will make a difference in how your property shows.

During the Inspection:

Make sure the appraiser is made aware of any special features that you think increase the appeal of the property.  Don't show them the new appliances or other building materials that are stored in the garage and awaiting installation, or point out any improvements that you plan to make, as these often represent deficiencies rather than value enhancements as of the date of value.  Finally, be friendly and courteous.


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