Digital Media

Digital Artwork Submitted By Members To

Seattle On The Go! Video

Special Effects promotional video with music using a digital collage of photos from around the Seattle area created by Seattle On The Go Productions, Associated with WIDM. LLC.

Created in AVI format.  Opens in most players.


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Glass Balls Over Mount Rainier

Animated glass balls dancing over morphing photos of Mount Rainier set to music. Created with common video and animation software by a user.

Reproduced in these alternative formats. Win: Rainier1.exe Mac: Rainier1.hqx Web: Rainier1.avi Web: Rainier1.swf

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Typical Seattle Weather

The most well-known Seattle weather characteristic portrayed in an artistic animation with accompanying audio. Created in Shockwave. Win: Weather.exe Mac: Weather.hqx Web: Weather.swf

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