Contests, puzzles & games

We enjoy games and like to share with our visitors, users and members. Join as a member to participate in our contest to win local prizes. Otherwise we will make some of our puzzles and games available to everyone!

Solve the "Riddle of the Sphinx" to win free coffee and muffins! The first member to send in the last sentence from the solution page for the ancient riddle can joins us for breakfast.


Real Games

Billiards - play for free in the late afternoon on 9 foot tables

Boche Ball - play for free on our full size indoor court

Ping pong - play for free

Giant Jenga - play for free

Tabletop Croquet - sign up for new leagues


Virtual Games

Classic Programmers Card Tricks

Web Robot Battles - On-line virtual board game

The Downhill Puzzle -

Riddle of the Sphinx