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Puget Sound presents the Soccer Danger Factor.  This chronological soccer metric measures the potential dangerous situation that each team develops during the game.  We have partnered with Web Math as part of our combined Teach Math thru Sports initiative.  The metric uses a quantifiable list of subjective criteria to rate the game's action by assigning a Danger Value to qualified game incidents. We now have correlated the graph of the metric with the player roster and player substitutions giving users a way to analyze the effectiveness of player combinations.


Playoffs - Round 2 vs Houston
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In the second leg of the second round the Sounders dominated early.  They had earned a 2-nil lead after the first leg, and they were at home.  The crowd adored the effort, the team rewarded the faithful. This has been a phenomenal year.  Rodríguez scored the first goal in the 23rd minute and they did not look back with top scorers Dempsey and Bruin pitching in.  They ended with a mammoth 5 goal 2nd round win which included a late effort by Morris who came in to warm up for the finals. It should be a tough team to beat, reigning champions playing well.  The best of luck, stay cool and just play your game!  Thanks!


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