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Puget Sound presents the Soccer Danger Factor.  This chronological soccer metric measures the potential dangerous situation that each team develops during the game.  We have partnered with Web Math as part of our combined Teach Math thru Sports initiative.  The metric uses a quantifiable list of subjective criteria to rate the game's action by assigning a Danger Value to qualified game incidents. We now have correlated the graph of the metric with the player roster and player substitutions giving users a way to analyze the effectiveness of player combinations.


Playoffs - Round 1 vs Vancouver
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In the first leg and for the first three halves of round 1 there was no score.  The Sounders outplayed the Whitecaps which can be seen in our SDF metric.  The team was without two crucial offensive components, Dempsey (red card) Morris (injury) and their enforcer in the middle (Alonso).  In the first leg, played in Vancouver, they seemed to be playing for the tie, which they got.  During the first half things were pretty even.  The second half was dominated with a lot of chances for Seattle.  But at the end of the game the defense made an uncharacteristic mistake leaving Frei to knock the ball away and secure momentum going into leg 2.

 In the second leg of the first round of the playoffs there was no question about the capacities of the two teams.  The Whitecaps had an outstanding season, faltering their lead at the end of the year.  The Sounders are peaking.  Again this year showing the results of a good blend of teammates, depth of their roster and a superb coaching staff.  They are playing in synch, and are definitely not backstreet boys. They are playing in harmony right now.  At home they had the SDF advantage of 41-10 in the first half and 44-14 in the second truly domineering their opponents.  Deuce glorified his return with two goals set up nicely by his teammates.  He is truly a first class finisher.  Thanks Seattle, we all wish you the best!





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