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Puget Sound presents the Soccer Danger Factor.  This is a new chronological soccer metric which measures the potential dangerous situation that each team develops during the game.  We have partnered with Web Math as part of our combined Teach Math thru Sports initiative.

The graph metric uses a quantifiable list of subjective criteria to rate the game's action by assigning a Danger Value to qualified game incidents. We now have correlated the metric with the player roster and player substitutions giving users a way to analyze the effectiveness of player combinations through the course of the game.


FC Dallas (road game)
Saturday, September 16th, 2017

This game started slow with both sides feeling each other out poking and prodding at the defenses.  FC Dallas had three good opportunities within five minutes early in the half with a near miss and a ball loose in the goal box that was deflected, then kicked away.  The Sounders only opportunity was a good shot by Dempsy that was not close enough to be called a near miss, but was a very dangerous chance.  Seattle were flat in the middle, and during the last 12 minutes of the half, and Dallas had some more good chances towards the end putting the pressure on the Sounder's defense. It ended up as a scoreless, forgettable half.  Video Highlights from Sounders FC


This game in the second half was just as slow as the first with both sides now feeling the uncomfortable 90 degree heat and high humidity in Frisco Texas. Using the graph with the new correlated metrics compare the lineup changes with the Danger Factor you can see that they played their best soccer, especially on defense, between the first and the second substitution.  This could be attributed to many factors of course, but is interesting.  Dallas ended the game with some scary chances stifled by a couple of good saves by Frei.  In the end the Sounders used sturdy defense and good controlled play to avoid losing which was welcomed like a cool breeze.

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