Scandinavian Specialties - Business Review

In the early days of Seattle Ballard was once a place founded Old Ballard Streeton the fishing and the logging industry that were both a big part of local Seattle history in general.  They were the staple industries in Ballard that attracted the large influx of immigrants from the Scandinavian countries.  Swedish Hospital which is a dominate force across the city was founded in Ballard. Other Ballard sites to visit are Golden Gardens near Shilshoal Bay with Leif Erickson statue, the Nordic Heritage Museum and the Ballard Locks.

In Seattle there is still one great place where you can get Scandinavian delicacies. This cozy shop is a Nordic culture. From to food to souvenirs to imported gifts, Scandinavian Specialties is special.  As long time residents sometimes forlorn the lost of the Ballard Nordic Culture they can find a taste of old Ballard at 6719 15th Avenue NW. Scandinavian Specialties Logo Scandinavian Specialties a purveyor of the fine Scandinavian treats from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland including Swedish meatballs, Norwegian Caviar and trendy smoked salmon or Gravd Lax.


Access Rating This small shop has good premise accessibility for both wheelchairs and walkers with a handicap parking spot right in front.  There is limited parking in the shared lot, which can get crowded, but there is also curb-side street parking available. The sidewalk is gently sloped.Accessible Rating Good