The Silver Platters Has The Hits - Business Review

Silver Platters is a used record, CC and DVD store full of a wide variety of movies and music for sale. The media is categorized so you might be able to find that old movie or rare feature for which you have been searching.  Call ahead on a weekday morning to see if the helpful staff can locate it before you go down to the store.  It is a good place to go to just browse the aisles. It is located conveniently off the freeway on 5th Ave just South of Northgate on the left.

Accessibility rating: There is a long curb with adjacent parking in front of the premise with two handicapped spots beside the accessible curb incline for access.  The doors have a flat sill but are non-automated.  Also, the high placement of the products in the store makes it difficult to view from a lower perspective.


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