Welcome Visitors

The lifestyle in the Puget Sound can be pretty laid back. We want our website to reflect the zen nature of our area.  Wherever you come from you soon adapt to the chillax mellowtude that comes with the eternal beauty of the Puget Sound.

This area has changed from being an out of the way corner of the US when Seattle's Smith Tower was the tallest building West of the Mississippi and logging was the big industry, to a technology hub and leading international port.  Back in the day, this area was a one horse town.  The home of Boeing (leave the lights on).  Then the the corporate headquarters for Microsoft and grunge rock capital of the 90s, but the story is composed of so much more.

So welcome, have a cup of coffee, get out on the water and enjoy the weather, it doesn't rain quite as much as advertised. The thing that remains true about this area is the natural beauty and that it is a great place to visit and wonderful place to be.